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The Fish

ULTIMATE OUTFITTERS operates under the belief there are certain things all anglers should experience....

...like the thrill of a chrome Steelhead leaping 
violently as it tears line from your reel....

Watching a 30" Brown Trout attack your offering ...

Making the perfect cast into the glass calm water only 
to see it shattered by the force of a feeding fish....

Floating in a remote wilderness setting bursting with fall 
color while watching a Bald Eagle soar above....

Along with that belief comes a desire on our part to
put you in those positions, wondering why you had
waited so long to get there.

     Putting you there is only the beginning. It is our
sincere goal to go about that in nothing less than a
professional and courteous manner

We have been fishing and guiding the rivers of northwest 
Michigan for decades and love nothing more than passing
that experience and knowledge on to you.

We guide anglers from all experience levels,
from complete beginners to seasoned veterans.
We have the patience and experience to work within your
abilities and make you a more complete angler.

  When you allow us to take you on that fishing trip, we want it to become an EXPERIENCE rather than an event.

All of our trips are Catch & Release to insure the health of our fishery for future generations.

Click here to find out where we're located, as well as details 
on our trips such as what's included and cost.

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