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The Fish
Our Salmon fishing is for those of you wanting to catch some of the largest fresh water game fish there are. We target Chinook (King) Salmon and Coho (Silver) Salmon.  These fish make their annual spawning runs into the river systems in the fall.

We start fishing to the Salmon in August.  At this time we are fishing sections of the river within 15 miles of the lake.  This makes for some exciting fishing as these fish are still extremely fresh at this point. We fish runs, pools, and logjams. These places hold resting Salmon on their way upstream.   

August and early September is truly the time to tie into these fish.  There is no other time, in the river, that you 
will find these fish to be stronger, faster, and healthier.  It's not uncommon for these fish to come out of the 
water 7-10 times while making breath-taking runs!

 Casting crankbaits is how we go after these brutes. There
is nothing like the take of a fresh Salmon slamming the lure you're reeling through a pool...AWESOME!!

We pride ourselves on getting you on Kings that are still silver 
and in great shape. Very few river Salmon anglers ever get the chance to battle a fresh King like the one Dave Hoovler is holding (right). We do it everyday!

Simply put, this is some of the most exciting fishing 
you will ever do! Many of our anglers who have 
fished all over the world, tell us that "crankbaitin' Kings" 
rivals anything they've ever done. 


Our King Salmon fishing is best from the middle of August through the end of September.

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