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The Fish

The Smallmouth fishing in this region is by far the most overlooked resource we have available to anglers.  
In one word, the Smallmouth fishing is simply, fantastic!!  These fish are unbelievable fun!

Our "home waters" for Smallmouth are the backwaters behind Tippy Dam.  When the dam was put in back in the early 1900's, much of this area was timber that became flooded once the dam became operational. You can see the tops of trees in many locations as you float over them. Couple this with a serious of sunken islands and suspended weedbeds and you've got incredible cover for these fish.

We fish the Smallies all day with great success. Morning and evening fishing finds us casting surface flies or lures into the shallows near the banks.  These fish are in tight feeding on mice, frogs, crayfish, etc. and will attack the surface with reckless abandon. 

During the daytime hours we'll move out to the drop-offs and weedbeds. This is the perfect time for slip bobbers and leech fishing. Casting crankbaits is also highly effective. It's not uncommon to get 30-50 fish a day with these techniques.

Our average fish will go between 13"-15".    It's not uncommon to get a couple of fish in a day that will go between 16" and 19".  And of course there are the trophy fish that go over 20". They are there, and in very good numbers!!  The angler that puts in his/her time is going to get a shot or two at a 5-6lb. Smallmouth over the course of a two or three day trip.

The results of a nice day of Smallmouth fishing. The "bonus" fish on the left is a 3 1/2 lb. Largemouth. We don't see alot of these, but occasionally we hit a nice one while fishing for Smallies. The two on the right came on consecutive casts. Before the first one could be released, the second was attacking the fly. Both of these 18"ers were released to fight again.


The months of May and June is your best chance at a monster Smallie.   
These fish are up in the shallows and can be easily enticed.  

July and August should not be overlooked though. These fish follow much of the same patterns throughout the summer.  We stay on their movements and can get into good numbers of fish on a daily basis when conditions are right.  There is no better way to spend a summer day than catching Smallmouth in the bright sun while enjoying this wilderness setting.

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